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My passion for photography started in earnest on my trip to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I loved running around the country with my camera capturing landscapes, performances, football games, and people from all over the world. I loved capturing their highs, lows, smiles, dances, hugs, and kisses on football’s biggest stage. Ever since then, it’s been a joy of mine to strap my camera to my hand and find the beauty even the most mundane subjects. Photography makes even dull things special for me, and it is a pleasure to capture and share the world as I see it.

I shoot a little bit of everything, but I specialize in Concert and Portrait Photography.

Music is my first love, and concert photography gives me a great chance to put my two loves together. I love catching performers in the zone and crowds in full ecstasy. I have photographed concerts such as Manifestivities, Afrochella, Ghana Meets Naija, Detty Rave, and Amafest.

I also love taking portraits. Portrait shoots are a great way to know people on a personal level and see them peel away the layers and express themselves fully and with confidence. It’s great to show people sides to themselves they have never seen.

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